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My Honors Thesis/Creative Project


As a music educator in the digital age, it is important to be comfortable teaching a variety of music types, including music technology and offering students the opportunity to record and be recorded.  Being comfortable with recording an artist as a soloist or as part of a group and being able to produce a quality mp3 file, or some other type of file such as .wav or mp4, of them is a great opportunity for music teachers to give students a record of their time as a musician and the opportunity to reflect on their own performances. Recording can also be used for audition purposes. Depending on the resources available to individual teachers or the schools that they teach at, teachers will have to be able to evaluate what type of equipment is appropriate for their desired recording subject and what is a good value for their money while still having to be cost-efficient. Some teachers may have the opportunity to work with professionals, and either have them take care of the whole process or be able to personally use their equipment, depending on their relationship and complexity of the equipment. Some teachers will only have access to the most basic recording materials, and will have to use them to the best of their ability to produce what they are wanting to. Some teachers will not have access to either of these, and will have to find the appropriate equipment with the resources they have available. All of these situations benefit music educators, and it is up to the music educator to be aware of the different opportunities available to them and their students.

Plan for Research:

Throughout this project I will be looking at recording equipment and recording techniques for different types of studios and how they can be connected or used with music education.  My goal for the end of this project is to have a database for music educators to have access to so that they can record their classes and ensembles with ease and be able to produce a good quality product.  This project is very experimental and exploratory, and having things stored here is a way to stay organized and begin giving these tools to others.