Using Piano Roll Notation (PRN)

For a quick explanation on what PNR is, you can look at this Electronic Music Wiki page, and here are some different DAWs that you can look at:

Good tutorial for the different features of using PRN in Ableton

Good tutorial for using PRN in Garageband

Good tutorial for using PRN in Soundtrap

Piano roll notation is something that has many uses in teaching music theory.  There is an article from NAfME that talks about the ways that you can use different features of PRN to teach music theory using the PRN in Ableton to build scales and rhythmic patterns, and what exactly PRN is.

I have become used to using PRN in Ableton to fix a lot of things that may be put in wrong, or to make things fit just the way that you like.  When we did the pop song project with middle schoolers I had to use it a lot of the time to make the beats line up and to help explain to them the way that the loops worked and had to line up.  I think that if I ever had a class that used technology, PRN would be one of the first things that I would teach because it can be a big help when using any sort of DAW to mix any sort of track or when trying to get students to understand what it is that they are actually doing.  I like PRN because it can lay everything out for you like a score, and it makes editing tracks a lot easier.


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